Reviews for The Nutcracker and the Four Realms ( 2018 ) 1080p

Stunning visuals don't make up for the hollow story

By: miangalyr
Everything in the entire story is centered around Clara. She's at the heart of the clockwork and everything revolves around her. I wonder why they even bothered to put "The Nutcracker" in the title...While the visuals and the choice of props and colors were excellent, the plot is tiresomely predictable, even for a family movie. The dialogue is flat and cliché. Most of the characters seem somewhat forced into being instead of feeling like natural persons.From my point of view, this movie took the original story and drained it of its magic. This might be enjoyable if you haven't read the original story or seen any adaptation of it. Otherwise, it might be best to save yourself the headache.In a nutshell -no pun intended-, and at the risk of sounding cliché myself, "the book was better".


By: ritarou-61757
I could go on for ages to give reasons why this film was a total disaster and not only because of my passion of the original story, the ballet, the music I'm in love with, but because from a film-production / creation point of view. I was so bored about the story that it totally killed my enthusiasm of waiting for a twist to come...when I ACTUALLY had like a 3-4 minutes flash of having seen something better (the disturbing clowns from the circus tent - they were so morbid and bullying that at least it made me feel something about the film for a short time) I turned to my boyfrined and said: "you know what, maybe, it is not THAT bad eventually"...he said opening his eyes: "what? why? I fall asleep..." and then I continued to be bored...-"We will protect the realm!"...against what? the original plot?
  • it is so slow and uncreative that it hurts because we've been waiting for this film to come out for a year, the trailer seemed super exciting but I never had the feeling of being entertanied or be in a flow.
-the nachos were good.

Poor acting, boring story, nothing in common with "real" Nutcracker

By: funwsin
Huge disappointment. The acting was amateurish. Not even Helen Mirren could save the movie. Morgan Freeman in his usual "I am wiser than anyone else" role. The composer of the music believed he could do better job than Tchaikovsky.Aside from bad story, directing and acting, the 3D was distorted, the effects were cheap and obvious, the picture was bleak and smeared. Colours muddy and dark. Total disaster. I will think twice before I go to see another Disney fantasy movie.

Just so disappointing

By: bunnyami
Sadly, this film is not good! The small amount of Helen mirren and Morgan Freeman you see And the delightful Mckenzie foy, Unfortunately are not enough to warrant seeing this! The costumes are terrible,really terrible, Kiera knightly's acting is by far the worst I've seen since Elton johns awful appearance in the second kingsmen film! The entire film lacks flow,story,continuity and is above all boring.The four of us that went all agreed it was probably the worst film we've seen and we visit the cinema a lot! Such a shame, just laughably badly made/designed costumes,shocking acting,week storyline and no real pull to keep you watching. Mckenzie foy however, shows real potential so I hope to see her in a better film soon

It blew my expectations... in the other way

By: ninjachewit
Be warned first of all, this movie is supposed to be about Christmas but does more to represent the Spanish War. Its message is also unclear and actually quite dangerous. Without trying to reveal spoilers, i'll go ahead and basically say that the moral of this movie is that actual family presence means nothing and can be overridden with clever purchases and their uses (aka appealing to the consumerist part of Christmas).

The movie shares two tones, one being the exquisite and quite beautifully CGI rendered world of the kingdom, and the other being a Halloween looking tent that Mike Myers might want to hide out in. The part that irks and confuses me, is that there is no clear reason for why these two tonal shifts have to be so conflicting with each other in the film other than to provide an obvious front for conflict. This symbolises to me a lack of care and depth that went into the developing this film's characters or story. It was a complete attempt to appeal to the audience, there was no sacrifice on the writers part to put something original in here. It's everything you've seen and liked in pop culture, fit into the "Christmas" theme of The Nutcracker (this movie isn't really about The Nutcracker).

I have no idea what I just watched.

By: aray3-323-141919
Save your money for Star Wars. Just keep the $13 in your bank account and watch the ballet instead if you're really interested. Disney and Tchaikovsky should not mix... ever.

wrinkle in time 2

By: sandymunguia
Disney you've got 2 strikes in a row... Congratulations, you ruined such a nice classic movie...

More like Nutcracker and the "Bore" Realms

By: masonrobledo
Okay, look, I didn't expect much from this movie, but wow... where do I start?, well I can say the movie looked okay from the trailers, so there's that and it has a fantastic cast too, so they might add some good luck to this movie, but besides that, just looks like a Alice in Wonderland spin off or something, so I went in with little expectation.... well there might be some promise for this, after the charming Christopher Robin, there might some potential to this movie, so then I saw the movie on the third of November, the day after it was released and............ wow this was bad...., like reeeeeaaaally baaad, but let's talk about it.

The plot is about a girl named Clara (Mackenzie Foy) who received a present from her late mother, didn't come with a key, so she'll have to find it, might have something important for her, but since she and her family went to Drosselmeyer's (Morgan Freeman) place for a annual holiday party, Clara must find out what's in her present, but his father warns her not to wonder off since he wants one dance with her, but she ends up in a magical kingdom surrounded by snow, candy, sweets and a nutcracker named Philip (Jayden Fowora-Knight) who accompanies her on her journey to defeat the evil Mother Ginger who wants to take over the kingdom, I'll just leave it there, I know there's more to it but it would involve spoilers but really.... who cares?..... this plot is just exactly like Alice in Wonderland, only it's 10 times worse, it's really cliched and easily predicable, like you know what will happen, but as it unfolds, it starts to become clear that no-one at Disney cares about clever and original witted and just wanted to release the movie around November, trying to make it a rushed cash in and yeeeeah that's what we got here, the humour is also not very good, tries to be funny and has that "pause moment waiting for the audience to laugh" and that's not funny either, in fact, i didn't laugh or cracked a smile once, I was mostly bored and I wanted it to end, the movie does try to have some heart but again..... who cares and it's so damn manipulative, so yeah the writing sucks and it's not all that original, this is Disney's laziest writing yet.

The visuals are one of the few only decent things about this movie, it looks nice, it's very well shot for the most part, the kingdom looks very colourful, the SugarPlum costume looks very good and beautiful and some of It's CGI is okay-ish..., okay, that's all the pros, now the cons, the visuals look really bland and really nothing special, again just looks like Alice in Wonderland, it can also be a very cheap looking film, along with some ridiculous looking costumes, like really silly looking, the CGI is really bad especially on the Toy Soldiers and the Mice, it never feels believable or real, it feels like a visually tired and dull experience, again it does look nice and it a tad bit colourful, but it's not enough to say the visuals are good, in fact they are pretty un special and not very impressive.

The characters are really forgettable and very dull, I don't not have one favourite character in this movie which is a huge shame, Clara is such a generic hero and kind of a annoying and overdramatic brat, the Nutcracker is boring, Drosselmeyer is just Morgan Freeman playing... Morgan Freeman, Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren) is a joke, Cavalier (Omid Djalili) and Harlequin (Jack Whitehall) are really annoying, the SugarPlum is irritating, Shiver doesn't do much and Clara's family are kind of unlikable yup, so is the acting, it's super dull and not very memorable, the only one who is actually good is Mackenzie Foy, she does try and for the most part I think she is good, she's a lovely looking actress, she can do a good British accent and she does try and does succeed, everyone else I feel sorry for, these people are really damn good, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightly, Richard E. Grant, Jack Whitehall, Omid Djalili, come on guys..... you are better then this, all of their performances are really just them playing themselves and it's really sad and hard to watch, not only are the characters super dull and not all that memorable, but most of the performances are really not that memorable and are just a joke.

So yeah... this movie is not only a awful movie, but this is easily the worst Disney Live-Action movie..... yes even worse then Shaggy Dog.... but we don't talk about that, lazy writing with a predicable plot, visually dull and cheap looking Effects, characters that are forgettable and dull stereotypes, with bad acting, granted the visuals can look nice at times, Mackenzie Foy is the only one putting on a good performance and Jame-Newton Howard's score is a delight, but that's not enough to save this train-wreck of a movie, I'm not exaggerating when I say it's one of the worst movies of the year and one of the worst movies of all time...... yes I just said that......, I don't recommend this movie at all, sure kids might enjoy it, but I barley got any joy at all, and even the screening I went to with not many people, I didn't hear any laughs or enjoyment from them, it's THAT bad..., so yeah avoid this at all times, if you want a good kids/family Goosebumps 2 and Smallfoot are worth a watch..... or wait till the Grinch comes out.

I'm going to give this garbage of a film 1.2/10.

A hilariously bad fever dream

By: kiarathementalcat
Disney's reimagining of the classic story is a complete mess from start to finish. I couldn't tell you what happened in this movie if you asked.

Tried too hard to be Tim Burton and FAILED

By: eggsbasket
At its attempt to be unique and edgy, the creators made a film that is real cheesy, at times boring, predictable, and unnecessarily dramatic in the choice of music and manner with which particular characters responded to each other.

I was very disappointed because I love the story of the Nutcracker. This adaptation really tanked.

A real loser

By: etoddclark
A small loser. In spite of a magnificent musical score. This film wastes much talent and should not have been made.

Disney's 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' is as bad as you think it is

By: francescobrosolo
Copeland provides a perfect example of why some classics shouldn't be messed with, even when you think you have something fresh to contribute. The film attempts to upend your expectations of the story, but each and every revelation or twist falls completely flat.

"The Nutcracker" simply took tropes, character traits, and plot points from other movies that no one asked to relive, including "The Chronicles of Narnia," "Alice in Wonderland," "Peter Pan" - and, weirdly enough, "The Santa Clause 2."

The film offers two major scenes, ostensibly meant to serve as emotional anchors, as moments of growth or self-realisation. But they're so painfully cliché - don't be surprised if both cause the adults in the audience to laugh out loud.

It seems that Helen Mirren, as pseudo-villain Mother Ginger, and Morgan Freeman, as Clara's mysterious godfather Drosselmeyer, are simply thrown in to make the film more intriguing to older audiences. It doesn't work.

It also complicates the film itself: Was it made for children? Families? Fantasy buffs? Adventure enthusiasts? It's unclear.

I almost feel bad trashing (what I take to essentially be) a kids' movie with perfectly likable 17-year-old lead, but there's just no reason why this adaptation should exist.

It feels like even children - especially in this era of on-demand entertainment and content saturation - will find the film annoying and predictable. Its recycled plot, garish costume design, and half-hearted callbacks to the original add nothing to the beloved story of "The Nutcracker." You'd be far better off watching the ballet again.

Stunningly Bad

By: johntenneson-44812
Oh Dear. This is absolutely terrible. It was just about the worst film I have ever seen.

Where is the emotion?

By: seasalticecream
This movie has the same problem that plagued Beauty and the Beast 2017 and Alice through the looking glass. Yes, it looks good. Yes, it kinda entertains. And yes, it′s not a god awful movie to sit through.

But it′s predictable and cliched to the point where no ammount of red herrings can fool and no ammount of fake thrill can make you excited. And worse of all, it has no heart, no emotion, no motivation. There′s nothing memorable or endearing.

The character are not characters, they are bland plot devices (Clara and the Nutecracker), glorified and irrelevant extras (like it sadly happens with the Flower king and the king of the land of snowflakes) or just swift cameos ( Morgan Freeman and Mother Gingerbread). The have no dimension, no porpuse, nothing that coud make the audience care about what happens tothem or the story.

This is by war thebiggest flaw of the movie.

Why would the audience care about a movie when its characters are so boring and dull?

To add to its non existent characterization, the world building is just as awful.

You never get to explore this world, to know its habitants. It feels like a superficial tour where the guide doesn′t even bother to explain what is happening, or why you should care about what you are seeing. You get to point A to point B and finally to point C, only to get thrown out of the bus without the chance to ask what the hell just happened.

This is a lazy cluster of a mess, an empty husk devoid of anything resembling human emotion.

I′m actually amazed someone was paid to write this thing. I′ve seen works online made by fans that are far better in both narrative structure and characterization.

What a shame. You can actually see the potential this idea once had.

a classic butchered

By: MovieNihilist
The only thing about this movie I truly enjoyed were the visuals.Thats about it. The soundtrack is just... a let down, it felt like I was listening to trailer music. There is just no soul in this movie, they somehow managed to kill the mystery of this story that I loved as a child. Just another blockbuster garbage.

Its just horrible, like watching a much worse version of Alice in Wonderland.

one of the most boring movie from Disney Studios

By: consumer-netherlands
One of the most boring movie from Disney Studios.Give impression of a low budget, cheap movie made in hurryI was watching the movie with my children, but they told me they were very disappointed. The film is very boring. A complete weekend evening wasted.boring story, predictable, not funny,

A total mess

By: bkoch-00559
First off the acting was terrible . Thank god morgan freeman and Helen were on it even though they were really only in it for maybe 5 min each. Kiera was meh but the main girl her family and the nutcracker captain were terrible. It was like watching a horrible Junior high play .the special effects weren't even good you could tell it was green screened a lot of the time. The makeup looked like it was done by a two year old.I mean I wasn't expecting a ton out of this film and still was very very disappointed .. don't bother if you were thinking of going .

Beautiful, But Not Much Else

By: sarahc1988
I loved the scenery, the sets, and the costumes within this movie. They were wonderful to look at, but that was all this movie had going for it. Keira Knightly and Jayden Fowora-Knight were the only acting parts that were decent.

While some parts of the movie were enjoyable, overall it was boring and I was unable to really get into it despite being excited.

A Parody of Disney, but from Actual Disney

By: davidgouldthorpe
Mackenzie Foy tries her hardest here, and I enjoyed the one scene with Misty Copeland on stage. However, dialogue and story is beyond muddled. Internal logic makes no sense. Another fairy tale is now an edgy political commentary and an "epic war". World feels confined and claustrophobic. A bunch of tired Disney cliches surface here, like moping about dead mothers and Chosen One Princess. They even have a twist villain, because that's so beloved.

It's cynical and unpleasant. Too dull and scary for kids, too dumb for adults. If you're looking for the Nutcracker you won't find it here. Just go to the actual ballet, or watch the first Narnia movie

It's an enjoyable movie.

By: lauraehrhardt97
I really enjoyed this film. A lot of the negative reviews seem to be awfully nitpicky for a family Disney movie. It's no masterpiece but I can't understand all the hate.

As we can all agree, it's visually stunning. The costumes are magnificent as well as hair and makeup. The sets are stunning and surprisingly, according to some of the interviews I've watched, most of it is not CGI. They created a beautifully detailed world and it pays off.

The story is not the same as the ballet, nor does it claim to be. I personally wouldn't want it to be the same. We get to experience the beloved elements of The Nutcracker in a new way. Though there's a lot of room for improvement, specifically in the script, I really enjoyed the new story. The dynamic between Clara and her late mother is great and is the real emotional draw of the film. Because it's a Disney film aimed at kids, the script is awfully cheesy at times, but not enough to be distracting.

Clara herself should be a strong selling point of the film. She's highly intelligent, specifically in engineering and physics. They make it a point to differentiate Clara from her sister, Louise, a proper (for that time period) young English woman. Not that there's anything wrong with being all prim and proper, in fact, Clara admittedly does spend a lot of the film in beautiful dresses and makeup. And yet, she's still the hero and she still kicks ass. This is important because it associates these feminine traits with power.

Hear me out on this. I feel like so many of the strong heroines we know and love are, in some ways, stripped of their femininity. They're typically made to be a strict "tomboy" who's "not like other girls." This by itself isn't the problem. The problem is that instead of embracing feminine traits, they diminish them. I know gender roles are bull, believe me, but I don't think women should be shamed for being what society deems feminine. You can be a bad b**** AND enjoy princess dresses. Women should not have to adopt "masculine" traits in order to succeed. Because of this, I think Clara is a fantastic role model for young girls who will almost undoubtedly take something from her.

So, although it's far from perfect, it's fun, beautiful, and full of heart. It's not claiming to be the next Shawshank Redemption so I don't see why it's being drilled so hard. It's a delightful little Disney movie, don't think so much about the specifics and just enjoy.